Friday, July 3, 2009

Training camp picks up

Training camp is starting to kick up another notch as there are about four weeks until our fights July 31st at the Saratoga Springs City Center! For tickets, call us at NY Boxing, 330-6378.

We're beginning to focus on different things as we get into a good roll at camp. We're both looking to peak in four weeks, but our approaches are a little different.

Shannon: My workouts at this stage are focused on helping me maintain my weight, pick up my cardio conditioning and sharpen my reflexes. As a heavyweight with many rounds of experience, I work on getting my body in the best shape with little wear-and-tear before actually getting in the ring. I run for about 30 minutes first thing in the morning and then work out at the gym later on for about 15 rounds (60+ minutes), including pads with Billy, heavy bag, double-end bag, speed bag and jumping rope. I finish up with push-ups and stomach exercises. I need to rest my body more in between as my workouts get more intense. If I push too hard without enough recovery time, I can cramp up at the end of workouts and later on in the day. My weight has been steady in the 230s and I am feeling great right now.

Shawn: For me, the more intense the workout the better. I'm trying to push my body to the limit and build quickness, agility and endurance. Also, fighting at light heavyweight means I need to keep shedding pounds. I train with Billy at the gym doing pads, heavy bag, double-end bag and speed bag, along with jumping rope. At the end, I do exercises with the medicine ball and also a bunch of push-ups. Then I hit the track right after and do 400's (which are a quarter of a mile) as fast as I can run. Recently, I've been doing five sets along with sprints uphill and backwards. I also work on a lot of old school stuff with Billy, including hitting a tractor tire with a sledge hammer and flipping the tire across the field. Looking to pick up sparring the next couple of weeks.



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