Monday, June 29, 2009

Together on the same card

After years of rooting for each other in different sports, we're training to fight together on the same card for the first time. Thanks to The Record for giving us a chance to share with fans what it takes to prepare to climb in the boxing ring. At the start of training camp on a regular day, we run a few miles first thing in the morning and then hit the weight room before taking care of our other responsibilities, including selling tickets to our fights July 31st. Then it's back to the gym where we work out with Billy Growick, our long-time family friend and trainer. In a typical day, we work out around two hours first thing in the morning and two hours later on. We get to work out at the same time about four days a week.

*Shannon* As I began training for my upcoming fight, I realized it was different this time. My brother is here with me now doing something I've been doing for so long. Shawn has always been there for me during training, but he has acted more as a trainer than a fighter himself. It really is exciting to see my little brother start a career in a sport that I have been competing in for some time. I don't know how often it happens that two brothers compete in a professional sport, but I am very excited to go through training camp with him as we prepare for our fights in Saratoga July 31st.

*Shawn* As a young kid I always remember watching Shannon training for his fights, both amateur and pro. When I was 10 and he was 18, he also won a toughman contest. It is really something special to train with him now and we are both training with the same goal in mind: to reach the top ranks of boxing. Shannon was there for all the games and sporting events I was involved in as a kid and always supported me in my goals. Training with him as a team now means a lot, although it is very hard. Fight night will be a special night for us both!


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